How to clean your deep clean bissell

How to clean your deep clean bissell

The following simple steps will ensure a longlife for your Bissell ProHeat 2x...Flush the system by setting the Custom Cleanknob to the "Rinse" Setting.Turn on the machine.While holding down the trigger make one forwardand reverse wet pass.Release the trigger and make another forwardand reverse pass Carpet Cleaning.

Reset the dial to 'tools'Then clean the hose by suctioning clean waterfrom a containerBefore replacing the hose, lift and stretchit to make sure no liquid remains.Any attachments that need cleaning can beremoved and rinsed, then dried and replacedin the tool caddy.

Your system is now clean and flushed!Rinse your water tank with hot water, takingcare to clean all around the pouch...clean the top half of the tank through thenozzle area.Pop out the red filter ...and rinse that as well.

Replace it before putting the tank back together.Before putting the tank back on, remove thefloor nozzle and rinse it out at the faucet.Pull off and throw away any loose hair ordebris that have attached to the brush rolls.The inside of the end caps can be wiped clean...or removed and rinsed clean.

Replace the nozzle on the machine by hookingthe tabs into the holes on the bottom ......then securing it with the screw.Your machine is now ready to store until yournext use.For additional maintenance and care questionsplease consult your users guide.

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